The personal information you provide is needed for us to fulfil your booking for accommodation at Boscombe Bed & Breakfast. We use an online booking system, Freetobook, to collect and store your information securely. Freetobook’s privacy policy is available on the booking page if you book online, or you can view it here.

In order to complete your booking we need your name, address, telephone number, email address and payment information. To comply with current accommodation provider legislation we also need the name(s) of any other guest(s) included in the booking.

Payment information is processed securely online through the facility operated by Freetobook. Boscombe Bed & Breakfast is fully PCI DSS compliant.

Your email address will be used to send confirmation of your booking, and to ask for feedback about your stay after you have checked out. We do not use your details for marketing purposes or to keep in touch with you following your stay.

Your information will be stored for no longer than the period necessary for us to meet our legal obligations e.g. for accounting purposes required by current financial regulations.